dgplug Summer Training

 a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.

Anthony J. D’Angelo

This summer, I have joined a summer training organized by dgplug. Training started on 18th June 2017 (Yes, India vs Pakistan Champions Trophy final was on the same day). So far at the time, I am writing this post, we have learned communication skills, shell commands, Vim, markdown, and git. I will discuss on all these in next blog post.

What is dgplug?

LUG  stands for “Linux Users Group”, dgplug stands for “Durgapur Linux user group”

dgplug conducts a summer training program every year, to train participants on how to become upstream developers and increase open source development. Its free of cost and anyone from anywhere can join in at IRC group channel! As mentioned in their summer training announcement page, pre-requisites are

  • A decent Internet connection.
  • Attitude to learn.
  • A computer with Linux distribution


How I came to know about dgplug?

I got to know about dgplug summer training by Sayan Chowdhury ‘s post on quora last year. I joined this program in 2016 also but I left training in middle because of health issue. Though I was connected to dgplug via IRC channel and mailing list. I also used to read blog posts by members of dgplug.

And, again this year, I am part of this summer training program.

My experience

Almost 3 weeks of training have passed and I must say it was awesome and I am learning something which is new and useful. We have a regular session or every day at 19:00 IST on the #dgplug channel at Freenode server on IRC.

It is same as a classroom, We have roll call system here too and here nicks(students) just have to type their name when Mentor type Roll Call. [No proxy ;)]

After the roll call, the session starts, first we discuss doubts or questions from the previous class and after that, we discuss and read up on a new topic. You have to type ‘!’ if you have a doubt and want to questions. Batul is a bot, which keeps record of queue of nicks and also batul helps in maintaining session logs (a record of all chat during session)

So far, at the time of writing, we have learned

  • How to use IRC
  • Mailing and Chat Etiquettes
  • How to ask questions
  • Importance of self-learning and googling
  • Basic Shell Command Usage
  • Importance of Blogging
  • Using command line text editor VIM
  • Markdown
  • Git (VCS)

I am very excited about learning new tools and technologies that are useful for upstream contributor and a computer science student.

One of the best thing that I liked about this training program is that they (mentors) focus on understanding the logic and structures instead of throwing a bag full of codes and commands to the student!

I will write more about this training program and its progress.

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