Dotfiles: Customize your system

I heard this term first during dgplug Summer training in 2016 when sayan was taking a class on vim. Currently, I am setting up all of my dotfiles for a Fedora configuration. (Read more about Fedora here )

What are dotfiles?

Dotfiles are plain text configuration files on Unix-like systems for things like our shell in.bash_profile,  our editor in .vimrc,.gitignore,  and many others. They are called “dotfiles” as they typically are named with a leading . making them hidden files on your system.

Why Dotfiles?

Dotfiles are used to customize your system. these are not regular documents, and by default are hidden in directory listings.

Dotfiles basically contain the preferred setup of your computer. They usually come with a setup procedure so you can easily install everything again when you need to start from a fresh system. dotfiles also really useful for syncing preferences across multiple devices.

Configuration for my Fedora machine

I set up dotfiles for my vim configuration, bash profile and git configuration, these are the tools(packages) that I use regularly. I am currently using limited data package of Airtel prepaid connection, which is too costly to afford.  I will upload all my dotfiles to GitHub repository next month when I will have a broadband connection.





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